Let's Read Together!

Join our Bible Reading Plan

Struggling to read the Bible everyday?

As a church, we've committed to reading the Bible, every day... together! 

To do this, we are using a bible reading plan on the YouVersion Bible App. It can be accessed through an App on your phone or online on your desktop.

Follow the steps below to get connected:


On your mobile device:

Go to the App Store on your phone and download the YouVersion Bible App.

(Skip this step if you already have the app)

On your desktop:

Go to https://www.bible.com/.


On your mobile device:

Create an account with either your email address, or your Facebook account.

(Skip this step if you already have an account)

On your desktop:

Click on the "Sign Up" button at the top right.

(Click the "Sign In" button if you already have an account)


Click on the button below to view the invitation:


Click the "Accept Invitation" button.


And you're set! We encourage you to read and comment everyday!

We're glad that you have decided to read the bible with us.