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With Prayer:

Pray with us. As COVID-19 spreads rapidly across the world, we turn to God in prayer. Pray for all who are affected by COVID-19 around the world. Pray that God will heal those who have been struck by the virus and restore them to health, also for his protection for the rest of us, for wisdom for the medical staff & leaders around the world to take the necessary measures to contain the virus. In times like these, may we find peace, comfort and hope in our God who is in control of all things.

Share your prayer requests and our prayer team will confidentially pray for your request. Please let us know if you would like someone to call and pray with you.

With Helping Hands:

Many of the people groups vulnerable to the virus have been forced to take extra precautions by self-isolation. This includes the elderly, the sick, and those that have respiratory issues. Would you consider taking some time to go grocery shopping on their behalf? Or perhaps they need a prescription refill or are running low on needed supplies.

With Good Company:

As many are self-quarantined, self-isolating, or keeping a social distance, let's consider this a good time to hop on the phone and strike up conversations with our neighbours. Let's reach out and check in with those that are feeling isolated, shut in, and lonely.

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