Questions about life, faith and Jesus?

Questions about life, purpose, eternity and love?

Alpha is a multi-week course for engaging conversations about life, faith, and Jesus in a relaxed and friendly setting.

This iteration of Alpha is being offered both in English and Mandarin.

This 10-week course is free and open to all, perfect for those curious about Christianity, seeking community, or wanting to deepen their faith. Alpha is a space to ask questions and share your journey, so come along and bring a friend to #tryalpha!

Our next Alpha course will be in Fall 2024. Details to come.





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我们的下一个 Alpha 版本将于 2024 年秋季发布。详细信息即将公布。

What is Alpha?

Listen to Ryan's story and experience with Alpha!

Mandarin Alpha trailer / 普通话 Alpha 预告片

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