Join us for Lent: Memorize Romans 8 & grow in faith together.


Lent is a season to give up something in order to focus more on Jesus. It commemorates the 40 days that Jesus fasted in the desert and was tempted by the devil. Some people choose to give up earthly pleasures like certain types of food, watching TV, or using social media. This type of fasting can be beneficial in turning our eyes and attention on the Lord.

We can also take this opportunity to add a spiritual discipline or practice to our season of Lent that helps us draw closer to Jesus. One such practice that we are going to attempt as a church is Scripture memorization.

For 40 days in 2024, from Ash Wednesday to Palm Sunday (February 14 - March 24), we will be memorizing Romans 8 together.

Sharing from Pastor Daniel during Feb 4 Service

This is how it will work:


Join our Lent Scripture Memorization Group on Flip, through your desktop, mobile or app with code 'uacscripture': flip.com/uacscripture

(it's easy, user-friendly, and secured by Microsoft!)


Explore the group! Try recording or adding video to the pinned 'Introductions' or 'Share Anything' topics. Respond to some already there!

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Follow along each day by memorizing one verse from Romans 8.

Record yourself securely using Flip or separately, reciting that verse and other previously memorized verses, uploading it into the topic thread.

  • On Day 1 (Feb 14) the verse is Romans 8:1 as prompted. Record yourself reciting Romans 8:1 and upload to the Day 1 Thread.
  • Then, on Day 2 (Feb 15) the verse is Romans 8:2 as prompted, so record yourself reciting Romans 8:1-2 and upload to the Day 2 Thread.
  • Then, on Day 3 (Feb 16) the verse is Romans 8:3 as prompted, so record yourself reciting Romans 8:1-3 and upload to the Day 3 Thread.
  • Etc.


Watch, comment and encourage others on their videos displaying their memorization of Romans 8 and be encouraged as others comment and cheer you on too!

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This is most important: take the time need to meditate and reflect on the promises of God in Romans 8 as you memorize!

The point isn't to be experts at memorization, but to spend intentional time this season of Lent to spend time with God and His word, while doing so in community.