Secretary of the Board


I met the love of my life, Joni, in Latin class in our first year of university, but, we didn’t date until 4 years later. And that’s a whole other long story. I graduated with a B.Sc. and then later with an MBA and was hired by IBM where I worked for 25 years mainly in sales and marketing management. Joni and I were married in 1979, one year after I was hired but our wedding was the closest I ever got to a church – apart from other weddings or funerals. 

After we had our first daughter, Laura, Joni insisted that we attend church because as parents, we needed to be on the same page with the same set of values, and we were going to get these from church. Now, Joni had accepted Jesus before she met me, but was not active in her faith. But parenthood had now prompted her to return. Moreover, little did I know that she prayed that I would become a Christian! Therefore, we went to a church that she had checked out called Unionville Alliance Church. I was very much out of my element and very uncomfortable. 

I really don’t recall very much from those early days. I don’t recall much about any of the services other than I wanted to get out as soon as it was over. After all, I was just attending for my wife. But one Sunday near the end of the service, the pastor asked everyone to close their eyes and bow their heads, and if anyone wanted to know more about this guy Jesus that he was talking about to stand up. As usual, I was more interested in getting out for lunch, BUT suddenly I stood up! It felt like somebody had grabbed hold of the back of my pants and pulled me up (and I know you are thinking it, but no, it was not Joni!) Well those who stood up were asked to come forward. Next thing I know, this guy comes along side us and asked Joni and me if we would like to come to his house for a bible study. So I turned to her and she accepted, with the trademark teary eye of course. That started a 2-year period where Joni and I were discipled every week by Baha and Margie Habashy. At our very first session, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. I was 34, yes about half a lifetime ago. I was taught about regular reading AND studying of scripture, praying, and serving. Shortly thereafter, we were baptized.

I started my journey with service as an usher. Later, I became the head usher. I joined the men’s ministry, and later became the leader of that. It was years later when I became aware of something called my spiritual gifts, I realized that God was using my gifts of leadership and administration to organize and to lead in those positions. I am not bragging here, but saying that God helped me to recognize the special enabling that he has given to me AND the responsibility to use them for His Kingdom, for His glory, and not for my benefit. Also, I came to understand that I had a gift of teaching. I taught a course on spiritual gifts, taught baptism and membership classes, led a life group, and led a 3-year curriculum called SEAN, based on the book of Matthew and recently taught some of the early sessions of our U-Protect course. Academically, I graduated from Tyndale Seminary with a Masters of Theological Studies in 2020. I have previously served as a board member and as Board Chair. 

After several years, I transitioned into full time ministry at UAC as the Executive Pastor, in charge of running the day to day business aspects of the church. 

My ministry journey has taken me from involvement in a number of volunteer roles, then allowed me to first work at UAC, then in similar roles for a couple of other churches, and most recently at Valley View Alliance Church in Newmarket, from where I retired in 2018. I believe that these experiences along with my spiritual gifts and my first three year term as an elder, will enable me to make a positive contribution in this my second term.