E-BULLETIN - April 21, 2024

Digital E-Bulletin for Sunday Worship Service


SUN, APRIL 21, 2024

We will explore the profound truth that believers are now the temple of God, and the Spirit of God abides in them. We will see how our bodies serve as the dwelling place of the Most High, reflecting His presence and glory. Just as the temple in the Old Testament was a place of worship and sacrifice, so too are our lives dedicated to honouring and serving

God. As living stones in a spiritual house, we are joined together to form a holy sanctuary, with Jesus as our High Priest who intercedes for us. As priests in God's house, our calling is to offer our lives as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God. We will explore how there is no sacred-secular divide anymore, but we carry the presence of God with us wherever we go. Through this message, we will be encouraged to see ourselves as vessels of God's presence, dedicated to His service, empowered by His Spirit, and fulfilling his will as we bring glory to His name.

We will also be celebrating FIVE (5) Baptisms this Sunday, together with UMAC! Join us in celebrating and praying with Daniel Philip, Joseph Snow, Wei Li (David), (刘华舫) Jeffrey Liu, and (李宇红) Clover Li

"We Are The Temple" - 1 Peter 2:2-10 NLT // Pastor Daniel Mills

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Whether you are here for the first time or the fourth time, we'd love to connect with you and help you get oriented and find your place within our church. As a bonus, we will donate $5 for every new connection we receive to a charity that we are passionate about supporting. Currently, we are supporting Compassion Canada, who partners with over 8,000 churches in 29 countries to deliver their proven child development program to more than 2 million infants, children and youth.


It is important to keep providing our families with the lessons and tools to keep your children looking to God for answers.

Kids stay with their families for the first 15 minutes of the Service before being dismissed to their classes.

Power Up! (Birth - Gr. 5):

  • Please check in your children, for dismissal 15 minutes after service starts! Learn more >>

Extension (Gr. 6 - 8):

  • Extension Youth join downstairs in Room 10 after dismissal, 15 minutes after service starts. Learn more >>


Our Prayer Team is available to pray with you or for you. They will be at the front, back and around the auditorium after the service for those who are attending in-person. As for those who are attending online, fill out our prayer request form and we will be sure to pray for you.



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