E-BULLETIN - May 12, 2024

Digital E-Bulletin for Sunday Worship Service


SUN, May 12, 2024

On this day, we honour mothers…many of us have loving supportive mothers and we honour them, reflecting on their nurturing qualities and the significant ways they have influenced our lives. Regardless of our upbringing, our current stage of life, our family status, whether we are adults or youth, married or single, parents or not, as followers of Christ and members of God’s family, we are given the Holy Spirit. He plays a significant role of influence in our lives, and we will look specifically at the Holy Spirit’s role of Comforter. We will also consider how we can take the comfort and encouragement we receive from the Holy Spirit and pass it on to others.

"Who Is The #Influencer In Your Life?" - John 14:15-27 // Sharon Roberts


Whether you are here for the first time or the fourth time, we'd love to connect with you and help you get oriented and find your place within our church. As a bonus, we will donate $5 for every new connection we receive to a charity that we are passionate about supporting. Currently, we are supporting Toronto Alliance's Outreach, bringing restoration for people experiencing homelessness and poverty in the downtown core. 


It is important to keep providing our families with the lessons and tools to keep your children looking to God for answers.

Kids stay with their families for the first 15 minutes of the Service before being dismissed to their classes.

Power Up! (Birth - Gr. 5):

  • Please check in your children, for dismissal ~15 minutes after service starts! Learn more >>
  • Room 3 is also open for livestreaming with family, as well as for those aged 3 and under

Extension (Gr. 6 - 8):

  • Extension Youth join downstairs in Room 10 after dismissal, 15 minutes after service starts Learn more >>


Our Prayer Team is available to pray with you or for you. They will be at the front, back and around the auditorium after the service for those who are attending in-person. As for those who are attending online, fill out our prayer request form and we will be sure to pray for you.



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